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Today Rating is a web based tool that provides access to industries, environmental, community and governance ratings on most major companies in Russia, America, Europe and Asia. We are the first company to combine data from nine of the premier socially responsible investment analysis firms news feeds, social networking groups, smaller for-profit organizations, and publishers. Our proprietary tools combine more than 11 million pieces of data on sustainability and performance into a consistent set of ratings. We then allow users to personalize these ratings, share them, and add their own views on companies. We provide some ratings information for free and additional information to fee-paying subscribers. We also sell custom reports from most of our licensed sources.
Our co-founders is Artur Sharapova. He has worked for more than two years on this project, and brings many years of experience tracking corporate responsibility. Previously Artur Sharapova developed new services for Cellular & Broadcasting Industry. Valence Doe, has built and run Web-based and technology-based businesses. Valence worked on Wall Street. Valence has consulted to a number of major companies and currently serves on the board of several software and Web companies. Sara Lisbon is currently Director of Data Analytic.
There has been no easy way for consumers and businesses to discover how companies perform and compare on sustainability and Rating issues. This makes it hard for people to make socially responsible decisions about what to buy, where to work, whom to do business with, and which companies to support or not support. Today Rating brings leading information about corporate social performance into one place so businesses, professionals, researchers, academics, NGOs, online publications, social networking sites, and individuals can use Today Rating’s information to understand, share, discuss, and track the Rating and sustainability performance of companies.
Which country are they considered to belong to? In general, we try to assign multi-nationals to the country in which their headquarter is located. We maintain two or more head offices in different countries. In these cases, we try to use the office location that was first established.
You can get more information by subscribing to Today Rating. If you want even more information than is available to subscribers, you may want to consider buying a special report on a company from one of our data sources.
Data can be used to make socially responsible decisions about what to buy, where to work, whom to do business with, and which companies to support or not support. When you joined our site, you agreed to our terms of use. Please take another look at them, if you need additional guidance on this subject found on Security & Privacy.
We use data from Socially Responsible - also known as Environment, Social, Governance, analysis firms, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as foundations, associations, union groups, and activist groups, government databases, publications and research reports, and input from individual Today Rating users.
Today Rating transfer a Rating on daily basis. You can rate them everyday & generates income. We provide you a various packages for Rating. You can select your package as per your requirements.
Today Rating offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at
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Your profile reflects your view of the world. When you ratings a Models, Brands & Companies using your own profile, you are seeing the relative social performance of community from your own perspective. Once you have a profile, you can share it with your friends. They can then better understand your view of the world and (if they are Today Rating members) understand why your view of social performance is different from theirs.
As part of the demo account, we will give you a brief guided tour of the most recent updates to Today Rating, including seeing the Today Rating’s Dashboard in action.
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Yes, you can cancel your Demo Account Only, to cancel your subscription, first login to the My Account. Submit the new Ticket for Cancelation.

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